Mixology Monday CXVIII: Fo’ Swizzle

Drop It Like It’s Hot

1 oz Rye Whiskey <Rittenhouse>
1 oz White Whiskey <Bully Boy>
3/4 oz Pimm’s No. 1
1/2 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz hot honey syrup*

Combine ingredients in a collins glass.  Fill with crushed ice, swizzle until outside of the glass frosts over.  Top off with a little more crushed ice, add a few dashes of Angostura bitters and a straw, garnish with lemon twist

* For the honey syrup, combine equal parts warm water and Mike’s Hot Honey and stir until dissolved

Hey, guess what?  It’s Mixology Monday* time! This month Boston’s own Frederic Yarm of Cocktail Virgin  Slut is hosting (you may recognize that site since I’ve been known to link to it from time to time).  He’s chosen swizzles as the theme.  “What are swizzles?” you might ask.  Well, head over to Frederic’s announcement post for the full details.  The tl;dr version is basically this one sentence from that post:


… swizzles are built in the glass, topped with crushed ice, and agitated with a rapidly spinning natural swizzle stick (or facsimile) to mix and chill.

Historically, they are of Carribean origin, which obviously got me thinking of Mai Tais and the like.  A classic Mai Tai usually has a combination of light and dark rums as the base.  I wasn’t really in a rum mood, but I did just restock my bar with some Bully Boy white whiskey (Boston in the house again).  That got me thinking, if there is a whole family of drinks built on a light rum/dark rum base, why not try the same thing with whiskey.  I also spied my bottle of Pimm’s in the depths of the bar.  Since its classic application is the Pimm’s Cup, an easy sipper in its own right, I thought it would find a happy new home in a swizzle.  My first swizzle was starting to take shape.

Swizzles are all about cool refreshement, but I wanted to add a little kick.  That’s where the Mike’s Hot Honey comes in. I was eating some pizza the other day, and this has become one of my favorite additions to a slice, along with the requisite oregano/garlic powder/parm cheese trifecta.  Between slices of pepperoni, I was reading about the suggested uses for the hot honey on the label.  Somehow, even though this was not the first bottle I owned, I never noticed that cocktails was in that list.  Challenge accepted!  I made a quick hot honey syrup, and along with some lemon juice, it finished off my swizzle nicely.

As I said before, a swizzle’s main purpose in life is refreshment, and this one delivered. There were some clean grain notes up front from the white whiskey to keep things on the lighter side.  Pimm’s brought its unique vegetal qualities to the drink, not so much tasting like a salad, but adding a different sort of freshness you don’t get with other liqueurs.  Tartness from the lemon juice both quenched your thirst and made you come back for more.  And finally the rye and hot honey syrup combined for a strong yet balanced punch of spice at the end to counteract all that crushed ice.  Some invigorating heat to make its Carribean heritage proud.

* I’ve been remise in linking to the MxMo roundups from the previous ones I participated in, so here you go:

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** Swizzle Roundup is posted!

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