Trying to be Affable


Medium Talk

2 oz Gin <Citadelle>
3/4 oz Blanc Vermouth <Dolin>
1/2 oz Cocchi Americano

Express oils from lemon peel into a chilled coupe.  Stir ingredients in chilled mixing glass and strain into a coupe. Garnish with lemon peel and olives on the side.

I had the traditional James Bond split-base cocktail the Vesper, a cousin of the Martini, a couple months ago out at a Happy Hour in NYC.  After one of those potent drinks I was chatty, and after two, I was downright affable.  When I set out to make it at home, I substituted Cocchi Americano for Lillet – which elevated this classic drink – giving it a bolder, zippier finish. Cocchi is most similar to Kina Lillet, which the Vesper originally called for.

Since then I’ve been using a lot of Cocchi Americano (and you should too, it’s delicious), which led me to this cocktail, a white negroni hybrid that uses Cocchi and Blanc Vermouth.  Somewhat new to the cocktail scene, Blanc vermouth provides the best of both worlds, both dry and sweet.  It’s floral with a slightly acidic finish and works really well in a bunch of different drinks.

The base I settled on was Citadelle Gin, a utility Gin that I use in an array of cocktails. Not too juniper heavy with some nice citrus and spice.  The Cocchi and Blanc Vermouth play well together giving body to the drink.  The drink has a boozy martini feel, but more complex with an orangey bitterness from the Cocchi and a touch of vanilla sweetness from the vermouth.  It’s the type of drink I like starting out the night with.  A couple of these and you’ll be making Medium Talk just like LD.

The lemon peel gives it a hint of needed citrus.  Orange or grapefruit would work also. And while its standard to do the twist after the drink is poured, I’ve been experimenting lately with expressing the fruit oils in the glass to prior to pouring the drink. The olives on the side are just a tasty little snack…because they’re delicious (try the Castelvetrano).

Big ups to Mr. Muddle for letting me guest post.


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