Mixology Monday CXII – Playing Cocktail DJ

Maxi’s Ward

1 oz Rye Whiskey <Rittenhouse>
3/4 oz St. Germain
1/2 oz Mezcal <Del Maguey Vida>
1/2 oz Grenadine
1/2 oz Orange Juice
1/4 oz Punt E Mes

Shale with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass

Hey everyone, it’s Mixology Monday time!  Doing the honors this month is the MxMo mxmologoGrand Puba himself, Frederic Yarm.  The theme he chose is Mashups, and you can read the full announcement post here.  At the heart of it, according to Frederic, mashups are what happens when”you fuse two cocktails often (but not always) with overlapping ingredients.”

Recenly I’ve been thinking about channeling fall flavors with a drink that had apple brandy and Benedectine. When the mashup theme was announced, images Jack Roses and Kentucky Colonels started dancing in my head.  Alas, our fearless leader beat me to the punch (in a most delicious manner), so I pivoted to another combination that was on my mind of late – whiskey and mezcal.

My parents went out to DBGB in NYC a few weeks ago and asked me to look at the cocktail menu and lend some ordering advice.  I noticed the Ward 8 (a Boston Classic, created here in the late 1800s), and even though my parents aren’t huge whiskey fans, I still suggested they try it.  Turned out to be their favorite cocktail of the night.  It even inspired me to mix one up at home which I hadn’t done in quite some time.  As I sipped it I thought about its mashup potential, specifically the Rye, orange juice and grenadine.

Next I turned my attention to the mezcal drink.  I decided to stick with the Boston based theme and chose the Maiximilian Affair.  This neo-classic was created at Green St. Grill by one of the OGs of the Boston’s cocktail scene, Misty Kalkofen.  I especially love the way delicate St. Germain stands up to such a strong spirit like Mezcal.

So the parts I pulled from each drink were rye, OJ and grenadince from the Ward 8; and mezcal, St. Germain and Punt e Mes from the Maximilian affair.  Let the Frankensteining commence!  My first attempt had the rye and St. Germain in the largest proportions, with only a little bit of Oj, and everything else somewhere in the middle.  While it was a good drink, I think the St. Germain actually dominated a bit and I wasn’t getting much mezcal or OJ.  So I dropped the St. Germain a quarter ounce and upped the OJ in the same manner.  Now we’re talking (or to put it another way).  This version had a brightness that benefited all the components.  Depending on where you focused, you could pull out different flavors.  Smokiness from the mezcal, sweetness from the St. Germain and Grenadine, spiciness from the rye.  It was all there if you knew where to look for it.

This was clearly the winner, so now my monster needed a name.  I thought about calling it the Eightmilian Affair, but that seemed too clunky since Maximilian is a name not a number.  So since it’s a name, what if I shortened it to Maxi?  And what if this Maxi had a Ward (either neighborhood or person, works either way)?  Yup, that’ll do. Maxi’s Ward it is!  Thanks again to Frederic for another challenging theme, and I think one that will serve anyone looking to create their own drinks well.

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