MxMo CXIV – Take a Moment to Digest

Prison Tattoo

1 oz Ramazzotti
1 oz Averna
1/2 oz Ginger Liqueur <King’s Ginger>
1/2 oz Rock and Rye <Hochstadter’s>

Stir with ice, strain into an empty rocks glass (for whatever reason, I love when amari are served down, just seems to fit).  Garnish with orange twist.

It’s time for another Mixology Monday!  Our host this month is Stacy Markow (be sure to check out her eponymous blog) and she has selected digestifs as the theme.  More specifically, she challenges us to “explore the vast combinations that camxmologon be found by discovering and making cocktails from ingredients known for their digestive properties. Rather timely  since, as she puts it “…this time of year is known for calorie laden holiday meals surrounded by family and friends “. 

One of my favorite things about Mixiology Monday is it gives me an excuse to finally buy a particular bottle I’ve had my eye on.  Whether it’s Old Grandddad 114 for infusions or sherry for dry drinks, these little challenges are often just the push I need to add a new bottle to my bar.

In this case, it’s Ramazzotti, yet another branch on amari family tree. The variations within this family of spirits can make your headspin (figuratively and literally, if you have enough).  You’ve got your excessively bitter with Fernet Branca, slightly sweet and floral with Montenegro, rich and roasty with Averna, and that’s only three of them.  Ramazzotti is interesting because it brings lots of cola and root beer flavors to your tongue, with a nice balance of sweet and bitter.  Not overly herbal like other bottles, more earthy overall.


When I started thinking about a recipe, I had the idea to do a split base cocktail with another amaro.  Given the rich flavors in Ramazzotti, I decided to pair it with Averna to form the base.  Building on the digestif theme, I grabbed my bottle of King’s Ginger, as ginger can do wonders to soothe one’s stomach.  Finally, it wouldn’t be an after dinner drink without whiskey in some form.  My bottle of Rock and Rye was the perfect choice as it brought a final round of sweetness into the mix.

The Prison Tattoo has lots of roots from both amari on the nose, as well as a strong citrus scent from the Rock and Rye and orange twist.  Bitterness was the first thing you tasted on the sip, followed by Rock and Rye’s sweetness.  Spiciness from the ginger snaps everything to attention in the middle, and the Ramazzotti throws a warm blanket over all these flavors.  A little more citrus and a final menthol blast on the swallow make for an after dinner drink that will surely soothe the fullest of bellies.

The name has no particular meaning, it was just another entry from the long list on my phone of names looking for a drink.  I guess the Ramazzotti shield kind of looks like a tattoo, but admittedly that’s a stretch.

Thanks to Stacy for a picking a theme that we can all put to use this time of year.  And of course this wonderful cyber party continues to happen thanks to the MxMo majordomo himself, Frederic Yarm.

2 thoughts on “MxMo CXIV – Take a Moment to Digest

  1. stacymarkow December 27, 2016 / 9:19 pm

    This is great! Thanks so much for participating.


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