A Year in Drinks

2016 is officially behind us, so let’s take a peak in the rear view mirror and hand out some some awards (the Muddlees?  Still working on that one).  On to the winners.

Top Three Most Viewed Posts
#3 – It’s Pronounced Yah-grr (featuring the Jagroni) – Negroni variation with Becherovka
#2 – Build a Better Bar Part 1: Poppin’ Bottles (featuring the Training Wheels) – A great intro to Aperol

And the most viewed post is…
#1The Ol’ Switcheroo (featuring the Half Windsor Knot) – This one actually makes me really happy. The whole point of this blog is to get people making drinks at home. I try to stress the importance of using these recipes as inspiration, knowing that you may not have everything I use in your bar. So the fact that my post preaching substitution is the most read post of the year hopefully means you all are heeding that advice.  This Windsor Knot variation with Zucca instead of Cynar is mighty tasty taboot.

Most requested drink form Friends/family
Accidentally On Purpose (featuring the Firepit) – Luckily sometimes I can’t remember my own recipes, and so this equal parts drink featuring mezcal, Grand Marnier, St. Germain and lime juice was born.

And now for some my personal favorites (maybe yours too!)

Favorite Music-Theme Named Drink
Brown Sound – anytime I can work a Van Halen reference into a name, that’s a win.

Favorite Simpsons Reference Named Drink
Marge’s Bowling Ball – Even Barney would like this drink.

Favorite Star Wars Named Drink
Good Shot Red Two – In retrospect, maybe this should have actually been a shot, but it’s a great name and pretty delicious, nonetheless.

Favorite MxMo drink
Dry Dock – One of the trickier MxMo themes (dry drinks), this one was tastier than I expected.  Plus the pic has one of my favorite new glassware additions this year.

Favorite Equal Parts Drink
Supersonic Parachute – Equal Parts drinks are all the rage now, so it seemed natural to include this category.  Gotta love a drink named after part of a Mars rover, too.

Favorite Picture
Triple Word Score – Let’s be honest, there are only so many ways one can take a picture of a cocktail.  I feel like I had a real breakthrough with this one, even if it took about a year to get there.  But I had a vision and executed it pretty faithfully.

Favorite Garnish
Man of a Thousand Voices – Two words: Carrot Ribbon

Favorite Better Know a Classic
Americano – Maybe it was the fact that I drank one looking out over the Boston Harbor, but I really believe this no frills drink is nearly perfect on a warm summer day.  I will be knocking back plenty more of these in 2017.

So there you have it.  It’s been a fun year drinking with all of you, and I can’t wait to see what categories I can add to next year’s awards.  Cheers!

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