Coffee Toffee Goodness

House Money

2 oz Dark or Aged Rum* [Plantation]
3/4 oz Benedictine
1/4 oz Orgeat [Fee Bros]
More than a few healthy dashes Coffee-Pecan Bitters (I imagine chocolate bitters would work here too)

Stir ingredients with ice, strain into an ice filled rocks glass

*  The original incarnation used Plantation Original Dark, and was tasty in its own right. Recently I picked up a bottle of their 5 year Aged Rum, and it made itself right at home in this glass. Feel free to use either kind

As I mentioned for the Thoroughly Polite Dustup, I took my first stab at homemade bitters this fall.  I used my apple bitters for that drink.  The other was batch I made was coffee-pecan (shoutout to Brad Thomas Parsons and his Bitters book for the recipes), and I couldn’t wait to get those in a cocktail.  Luckily just after they were glass-ready, my sister and her significant other came to visit.  Being mid-October, we got our fire pit ablaze and needed some drinks complete the fall setting.

When I asked my sister’s SO what he wanted, he said rum.  I took that to mean dark rum, as it would be just the opportunity I needed to deploy my new bitters.  The dark, rich flavors in the rum would compliment the roastiness of the coffee bitters.  My excitement was so high that I wanted the rest of the drink to continue to compliment but not overpower the nutty java flavors.  Benedictine often served me well when paired with whiskey, but surprisingly I hadn’t used it with rum much.  After making this drink I happily admit that was a mistake.  Its warm spices were a nice addition to the coffee and toffee notes from the bitters and rum.  This was already shaping up to be a boozy affair, and I knew I’d use a heavy hand with the bitters, so a little more sweetness was the final component.  Nuts were already present from the pecans in the bitters, so I parlayed that into  a bit of orgeat to round it all out.


Once everything was on the rocks (with a few extra dashes of bitters for good measure), this drink hit all the right notes.  Sticky molasses and coffee notes on the nose.  Silky smooth doesn’t even begin to describe the sip.  It’s like drinking a Werther’s Original, after it has been lightly toasted.  Lots of toffee and roastiness, while the Orgeat pulls out some of the pecans from the bitters for a pleasant nuttiness.

Maybe I should have these guys over more often, as I seem to stumble upon a tasty drink every time.  Last visit I came up with the Firepit, which quickly became a house favorite.  Maybe it’s the combination of good company and an outdoor fire situation that really gets my creative juices flowing.

The name House Money comes off my long list of names in search of a drink I keep on my phone.  Sometimes there is no real rhyme or reason, simply its time had come to be plucked from obscurity and into the Muddle annals.  Cheers!

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