I’m Gonna Drink You, Sukkah!

Lazarus Cocktail

3/4 oz Gin [Ryan and Wood]
3/4 oz Triple Sec [Short Path]
3/4 oz Etrog Liqueur [Sukkah Hill Spirits]
3/4 oz Amaro Montenegro

Stir ingredients with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with lemon twist.

A few weeks ago Mrs. Muddle informed me a package showed up at our door that appeared to be boozemail.  She asked if I was expecting anything, but I was not.  It turned out the folks at Sukkah Hill Spirits sent me a bottle of their Etrog liqueur.  

I wouldn’t say this was completely out of the blue, as I received some small sample bottles from them earlier in the year.  Well, now they outdid themselves by sending me a proper 375ml bottle.  They encouraged me to have fun and experiment with it using #etrogsummer, and I’m more than happy to oblige.

As I mentioned the first time I used etrog liqueur in my Julerita, this is some interesting stuff.  Lemon is definitely the main flavor, but the oils from the skin and lemon blossoms are also present.  It’s a much welcomed spin on the classic lemon flavors found in many drinks.

Now it’s time for the drink.  My first instinct was to look for classics that used lemon juice, and swap in the etrog liqueur.  Eventually I remembered the Corpse Reviver 2, an equal parts drink of gin, Cointreau, Lillet, and lemon juice.  For the first try I used the etrong liqueur and dry vermouth in place of the lemon and Lillet respectively.

Close, but not quite.  Everything was a little too muted.  I took a minute to think about what I wanted to highlight in the etrog liqueur.  The lemony botanicals are my favorite part, so how else can I leverage that angle?  Then in came Amaro Montenegro to the rescue.  This Italian amaro is not as bitter as its cousins, and that let’s all the floral notes really shine.  Paired with the etrog, it was a winning combination.  Even better, I was using a local triple sec from Short Path Distillery just north of Boston that was not shy on the orange, providing another great citrus element.


Lemon blossoms and citrus are the first things I noticed on the nose.  Juniper provided some low notes.  The sip brings more botanicals from every angle.  Fresh herbs in the gin and amaro are complimented by a bright zesty zing from the etrog and triple sec.  Montenegro gives this drink a slight bitter edge, but overall the tatse is florally sweet.  Lemons and oranges dance around on the juniper and other herbs from the amaro.  The finish stays bright, with the amaro once again defining the edges as lemons linger on the tongue.

Since this drink is based on the Corpse Reviver 2, I wanted to keep the “returning from the dead” theme for the name.  Lazarus is probably the most famous corpse revived.  As the story goes, he had been dead for 4 days when Jesus came and brought him back.  Sounds like the perfect candidate for a Corpse Reviver variant, and this drink absolutely packs enough punch to work similar miracles on anyone who drinks it.

I’m very excited that I have lots more etrog liqueur to play with.  There are plenty more combinations hiding in that bottle, from refreshing long drinks to broody, boozy ones.  I can’t wait to coax them all out.

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