When Life Gives you Honeycomb…

Bumblebee Man

2 oz Mezcal [Fidencio]
3/4 oz honey syrup
1/4 oz lime juice

Shake with ice, strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with time twist and honeycomb (if you have it).

The other day Mrs. Muddle came home with a chunk of honeycomb from The Boston General Store.  When I asked what this was for she responded, “not quite sure, but I figured you could use it in some of your pictures.”  Challenge excepted!

Obviously it made sense to work some honey into the actual cocktail as well.  Immediately the classic Bee’s Knees came to mind, but I wanted to put a different spin on it.  Since this all started with Mrs. Muddle’s idea, why not explore a Bee’s Knee’s made with her favorite spirit, Mezcal.

I love taking classic recipes and swapping out one or two ingredients to see what happens.  If done well, I can capture the spirit of the original while also presenting it in a whole new light.  The Bumblebee Man is a great twist.   In the Bee’s knees, the gin brings out more of the floral notes form the honey.  In this version, the smokiness of the mezcal takes that same honey and highlights more of the earthy undertones, making it a heartier drink.  I was actually surprised how well the honey syrup stood up to the Mezcal, as it can sometimes dominate a drink  Lime gives it a sharper citrus edge and really cuts through all the smoke and sweetness.  This is a version I’ll definitely be making more of in the future (probably for Mrs. Muddle).


For the name, I wanted to stay in the bee family.  Since Mezcal is the base here, I decided to call on everyone’s favorite Channel Ocho star from The Simpsons, Bumblebee Man.  I’m sure after a long day of pratfalls and other slapstick antics, he wouldn’t mind unwinding with one of these.   He’ll probably drop the glass though.

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