count your trumps

Count Your Trumps

1 1/2 oz Bourbon [Split Rock Distilling]
3/4 oz Amaretto [Disaronno]
3/4 oz Campari

Stir with ice, strain into a ice filled rocks glass. Garnish with lemon twist.

It’s nice when you have the support of those around you when taking on new endeavors. When I started Mr. Muddle, my family were some of my first fans (obviously). But it’s grown into more of an actual appreciation on their part, which is clear when they are happy to share some drinks with me, or even give me gifts to support my habit…err, hobby.

It’s always fun to make them cocktails, which is how I came up with this week’s drink while at my in-laws this past Thanksgiving. We were playing Whist (a trump-based card game like Hearts or Spades, and Phileas Fogg’s game of choice on his epic trans-global voyage) and I went to mix up some drinks. Once I saw the Campari and Amaretto in their bar, I began wondering if these two could live happily together in a glass. They certainly represent different ends of the flavor spectrum, but maybe that would result in a yin and yang situation where they combine into something even better. I decided to use Bourbon as the base because…whiskey.

It took about a few versions to dial in the proportions, but the Count Your Trumps is a achieves my goal making to very different liqueurs work in the same glass. The amaretto and u Campari’s best qualities helped keep the other one in check. We all know that the almond liqueur can be quite sweet, but the sharp bite of the Campari let more of the almonds come through while stifling the bitterness. On the other hand, Campari’s bitterness can be too much for some, but the thicker body and nutty sweetness of the amaretto rounded the edges nicely. Finally, bourbon played he ultimate facilitator, giving a bit more alcohol kick while also bringing its own unique sweetness to the glass.


The name comes from an oft-repeated piece of advice from my father-in-law as he taught us the game. In Wist, you players can determine the trump suit. So during each hand, it’s important to know where all those trumps lie and how many are yet to be played. Count your trumps and your one step closer to taking the hand.

The glass in these pictures if from my parents, who brought it up on their most recent visit to Boston. She knows my love of funky glassware, and this one fits right in. Kind of has a punk/metal vibe which I’m really digging The box in the background was a birthday present from my mother-in-law. She’s been taking some artsy classes (mosaics and stuff), and decided to try her hand at decoupage. She says it was the first thing she has made for someone else, for which I’m most honored. I was doubly impressed by the brands of booze she found, not going the easy route with your Jacks and Absoluts, instead pulling the likes of Mahon Gin and Clement Rhum Agricole. Even better, since it’s a box I can store some of my coasters and stuff I use for taking pics.


It really is nice when you get encouragement and support from those around you, and I’m more than happy to show my appreciation in the form of more cocktails.

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