Creme de Menthe

Shamrock Spritz

1 1/2 oz gin [Detroit City Distillery]
3/4 oz Creme de Menthe [Short Path]
1/2 oz Green Chartreuse
1/4 oz Lime Juice
Club Soda

Combine first 4 ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake.  Strain into an ice filled rocks glass, top with club soda.  Garnish with lime twist

Short Path Distillery just north of Boston has a great CSA program.  However, instead of fruits and veggies, it’s booze related.  The acronym in this case stands for Community Supported Alcohol.  Basically they do limited edition, single batch releases of different spirits.  You can pre-order them and they must be picked up at the distillery itself.  The more popular ones even graduate to their regular lineup.  So when I got an email announcing the release of their Creme de Menthe, I jumped on the chance to get it.

Forget what you know of that neon green stuff in the well at bars.  This bottle is full of herbal peppermint goodness.  It’s even got a slightly green tint, but nothing ridiculous looking.  The mint cools down your whole mouth, while s subtle sweetness keeps it very drinkable.

When I first got it home, Stingers (I will definitely do a Better Know a Classic on this one) and Grasshoppers were obvious choices.  Both drinks let the mint shine in different ways, and after getting acquainted through them I started thinking about ways to use it myself.  Even better, I can tie its green-ness to St. Patrick’s day, which is always a win-win.

But why stop at one green liqueur when you can use two!  That means Green chartreuse gets added to the party.  And what about green fruits!  In goes a squirt of lime.  A nice piney gin provides the foundation – top it off with some club soda and the Shamrock Spritz is born.


Between the mint, herbs, and bubbles, this is one refreshing drink.  Strong mint aromas come up from the glass, and the botanicals from the gin and chartreuse accentuates them even more.  On the sip, you experience the wonderful interplay of Chartreuse herbs and mint, these two spirits are very comfortable together.  The Detroit City gin is a works well here too – its coniferous notes complimenting the other two liqueurs.  Citrus and bubbles keep you coming back for sip after sip.

While this drink didn’t turn out quite as green as expected, I’m ok with that.  The flavor more than makes up for it.  Green Chartreuse has long been one of my favorite alternatives to your green beers and shots of Jameson on St. Patrick’s Day.  I’m excited that now I have another wonderful option, and am looking forward to more minty explorations.

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