Fridge Find

Cruise Ship Magician

2 oz Pisco [Macchu Pisco]
.5 oz House Strawberry Basil Black Peppercorn Shrub
.5 oz Becherovka
Fresh mint

Gently muddle some mint in the bottom of a mixing glass.  Add remaining ingredients, stir with ice, strain into an ice filled rocks glass.  Garnish with mint sprig

One of the more enjoyable parts of home cocktailing is making my own mixers.  Syrups, shrubs, bitters and the like are all fun little projects.  Sometimes, I get a little ahead of myself, and make too many at once.  Well, not really too many – but I’ve been known to have a few random jars scattered throughout the fridge.The positive side of all this is rediscovering something I forgot about.  Take this week for instance – as I was looking for something to drink I spotted a jar of red liquid.  After moving the yogurt, pickles, and milk, I rescued it from it the depths of the shelf and took a look at the label (blue masking tape FTW!).  Strawberry-Basil-Black Peppercorn shrub.

I remember this one, I made it after a berry picking outing with the fam this summer.  Opening it up, I was happy to discover the fresh strawberry scent was still there, and the basil and peppercorns were still detectable.  Next I reached for my journal to see what I captured when this treat first hit my shelves.  Finally I settled on this number, with muddled mint, Pisco and Becherovka.


The Cruise Ship Magician started off with the aroma of herbs combining with the strawberries.  Every sniff yielded a different star, with the mint and strawberries most prominent.  On the sip the sharp grapyness of the Pisco kicked in.  The cinnamon spice and peppery heat followed, only to be rounded out by the strawberries and sugar from the shrub.  The finish was herbaceous and zingy, thanks to the mint, basil, and vinegar.  This drink definitely makes me want the warmer temps to come sooner than later, but I’m not sure I’ll have any shrub left by the time that happens.

No particularly special backstory to the name.  Just one of the many random entries in my long list of possible cocktail names.  Every now and then you just gotta pick one.

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