Mr. Muddle is Adam — a cocktail hobbyist living, eating, and drinking in and around Boston while parenting two little ones. Craft beer was my first passion when it came to a drink, but cocktails quickly found their way into my glass.  I always had an affinity for bourbon (and the occasional Manhattan), but things really took off after our first child arrived. Suddenly my wife and I found ourselves at home most weekend nights, and we felt we needed to switch things up from the usual ales and porters.  Friday night soon unofficially became cocktail night, and the modest home bar grew with each new drink I read about, recreated from an actual bar, or picked up some new bottle that caught my eye.

I decided to start this blog to share my weekly tipples and tips with other people looking for a stiff, well crafted drink to class up their evenings and build a more spirited home.

Interested in collaborating on a drink?  Drop me a line.